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Whistl moves to sole supply after a decade of excellent service from Grosvenor

Whistl UK Limited is a delivery management company providing efficient, high-quality and competitively priced services across Business Mail, Parcels, Fulfilment and Doordrop Media both in the UK and internationally.

Distributing more than 4 billion items annually, Whistl is the market leader in Downstream Access Mail (DSA) services handling over 50% of bulk business mail in the UK.

The relationship began in 2008 when Whistl was impressed with Grosvenor Leasing’s very personal, hands on approach supported by a strong national infrastructure.

Grosvenor’s senior account manager at the time was Mary Dopson-Taylor who worked with Whistl from day one, and has remained their main point of contact ever since - even after becoming customer services director.

By 2019, having provided an outstanding full maintenance contract hire service for 10 years, Grosvenor was rewarded with a sole supply agreement following a formal tender for Whistl’s 247 strong fleet of cars and light commercial vehicles.

The solution presented to Whistl, as part of the tender, was to utilise the skills across The Grosvenor Group more effectively. This was achieved by offering a holistic approach that combines Grosvenor Leasing’s funding expertise with Interactive Fleet Management’s driver management services.

Baz Barrett, Whistl’s national fleet and compliance manager, explained at the time why Grosvenor was successful. 

“Grosvenor has always offered a service that is second to none, and I am pleased to have extended our partnership to a solely funded and total outsourced management agreement.

“Drivers who have had to drive lease cars from elsewhere in recent years are delighted with the news.

“Grosvenor does not operate call centres, which means we know we only have to pick up the phone and a staff member will answer.

“The key factor in awarding Grosvenor our business was due to the exceptional levels of service and the ‘can do’ attitude they have always given”.

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“At Grosvenor, we firmly believe that service excellence is nurtured by offering customers consistency and continuity of service, and that this is achieved through very strong staff retention and account managers that remain with customers for the long-term.

“It is very rare that we will change an account manager, as its vital they build up long enduring relationships with customers and this was why, when I became customer services director, there was never any question that I wouldn’t personally continue to be Whistl’s primary point of contact.”

Mary Dopson-Taylor, Customer Services Director, Grosvenor Leasing

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