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Grosvenor announces partnership with Instavolt

Making it easy for drivers to charge their electric vehicles while on the road, the Grosvenor Group has announced an important new partnership with Instavolt.
Instavolt provides easy access to rapid charging units helping drivers get back on the road quickly.
Offering the simplest and most transparent approach to 
electric vehicle charging in the UK, all rapid charging units are equipped with both CCS2 and ChAdeMO cables and are available for EV drivers to use on a pay-as-you-go basis, with 
no subscription needed.
With no connection charge, drivers simply tap their contactless credit or debit card and only pay for the electricity used.
As part of the partnership, drivers of electric vehicles funded or managed by Grosvenor Leasing or Interactive Fleet Management will receive a free key fob with fifty pound’s worth of charge credit which can be used at the contactless units.
After that, companies can either top up their drivers’ key fobs, allow drivers to use their own credit or debit card for future purchases or take advantage of opening a fleet account with InstaVolt for greatest simplicity and budgetary control.
“We’re delighted to announce this important partnership with Instavolt,” said James Parnell, Grosvenor Leasing’s head of purchasing and maintenance.
“It means we have a robust and efficient charging solution in place for drivers on the road, and their contactless key fob is such a simple method of payment.
“Better still, all of the electricity supplied through Instavolt’s rapid chargers comes from 100% renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind farms. It means drivers can be sure that they are doing the best for the environment when topping up their EVs.”

The Grosvenor Group is delighted to be delivering innovative and practical charging solutions for drivers both at home and out on the road.
For more information and advice, please contact Mark Gallagher, Grosvenor’s green fleet specialist on 01536 536 536.

Call us today on 01536 536 590

Call us today on 01536 536 590

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