Step 2: 0Zone - ULEV/EV/Salary Sacrifice

Step 2 relates to how companies move towards ultra-low emission and electric vehicles during such uncertain times, and Grosvenor has been leading the way in offering ‘green’ advice for many years thanks to its award winning 0Zone solution.

The reality is that many businesses are currently in a dilemma. 

When do you move towards an ultra-low emission fleet taking into account the much-publicised concerns about the suitability of EVs, charging infrastructure and range?

How is business travel and the role of company car going to be impacted by the pandemic with increased working from home?

Are EVs viable at the moment or is it better to wait?

Until a decision is made, many drivers are saying that they will have 1 more traditional petrol or diesel model for the next 3 years (and have an electric vehicle next time round) which then locks the company into another combustion engine vehicle until 2024.

Recognising this hesitancy, Grosvenor Leasing has launched an innovative and flexible ‘ultra-low emission fleet transition’ service. 

This offers businesses competitive short term leases of hybrid vehicles so that drivers can grow accustomed to the new era of vehicle without being forced to commit – offering huge flexibility.

We also have advisors on hand to offer advice around the financial and operational implications of choosing ultra-low emission and electric vehicles, as well as the environmental ones.

Key benefits include:

  • Using the ultra-low emission fleet transition service to help encourage drivers into alternative fuels without the commitment
  • Assessing whether Salary Sacrifice could benefit your business for vehicles under 50g/km CO2 where the financial gains are most advantageous
  • Looking at whether it’s better to offer those drivers not in favour of having an ULEV or EV a cash option supported by a personal contract hire affinity scheme

Why not talk to one of our 0Zone experts now? We’re on hand at Fleet Live for informal online meetings.

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