Step 4: Personal Contract hire and Affinity Schemes

Step 4 relates to creating a workable balance between company vehicles and those taking a cash alternative.

The BVRLA (British Vehicle and Leasing Association) reported a 24% increase in demand for personal contract hire in recent years, and the biggest problem that companies face is that after they hand over the cash to a driver they have no control over how that money is spent. 

It means you could have a driver opting out of a well-managed, presentable, low emission and safe company car and spending their allowance on something completely unsuitable for business travel, such as a 10 year old gas guzzler that’s not being serviced or maintained properly.

Suddenly you have a big headache regarding grey fleet, which can be managed through a well-structured grey fleet solution - but there are other ways too.

By offering cash drivers a really high quality and fiercely competitive personal contract hire solution means drivers taking cash are far more likely to use it to fund a personal lease car of their choice.

That has huge benefits in terms of reducing the grey fleet burden because it moves those drivers into new, safe and reliable vehicles for business use.

Grosvenor Leasing provides a market leading PCH solution in partnership with Select Car Leasing and we have over 100 customers signed up to our PCH affinity scheme so that they can offer it to their drivers.

 At Fleet Live we have personal contract hire and affinity scheme experts on hand for an informal discussion. Why not connect through the chat room?

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The relationship with Grosvenor Leasing has been very beneficial to us financially and operationally.

Stuart Branch, group people & IT director at Weetabix.

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