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Flexibility is key for driving through uncertainty

Being a fleet manager in today’s world involves a lot of head scratching and a serious desire for a crystal ball - whether it be a case of waiting for economic recovery, ascertaining staffing levels or commitment to replacement vehicles.

The pandemic has had a seismic impact on everyone’s lives, we have left the EU, a recession is looming, and this is all at a time when many of us are deciding when to introduce hybrid or electric vehicles into our fleet policies.

The truth is, uncertainty reigns making it very tricky to reach decisions. 

According to Mary Dopson-Taylor, customer services director at Grosvenor Leasing, when there is a lot of ambiguity the priority is to make your fleet operation as adaptable as possible. 

“We are now having far broader conversations with our customers,” said Mary, “and it’s very reassuring to them that if their circumstances change, we have the people, products and resources to support them. 

“At the very core of the Grosvenor Group we have three very important offerings, which are corporate contract hire, fleet management and personal contract hire. 

“This means, we can support our customers whether they decide to change funding methods, offer cash to their drivers instead of a company car, or adapt in other ways to changing economic and market conditions. 

“This is all supported by stable and very experienced teams at Grosvenor Leasing, Interactive Fleet Management and Grosvenor Personal Leasing who all offer straightforward, practical and transparent advice. 

“In fact, customers often comment that they love our honesty and that they come to us to hear the ‘truth’ because they know they’ll get the type of ‘warts and all’ advice that really works.”

By developing a portfolio of solutions that gives maximum flexibility, supported by expert advice, award winning ‘green solutions’ and leading online fleet reporting, the Grosvenor Group is helping with many 

of the questions that fleet managers are wrestling with. 

For example: 

  • If they place an order now, will the company want that car on their fleet in 3 years? 
  • If a driver chooses a petrol or diesel, will they regret that decision and wish they’d gone for an EV? 
  • Is contract hire the right choice for the business over the next 3 years? 
  • Will the company wish it had chosen a different funding / acquisition method? 
  • Does the company actually need to offer its employees vehicles or should they simply move to cash? 

“It’s matters such as these which we’re now looking to help with by bringing to the table flexibility, an open mind and some innovative thinking in how we manage our customers’ vehicle fleets,” said Mary. 

“The good news is that, as well as fleet managers, the strength of our proposition and the adaptability this brings is striking the right chord with HR directors, finance directors, operations directors and other key stakeholders who are grateful that we are pioneering well thought-through fleet management concepts in a very ‘new’ world.” 

For more information, why not speak to our friendly team who would be happy to advise you on your options. Telephone 01536 536 536 and ask for Mary in person, or a member of the customer services team.

Call us today on 01536 536 536

Call us today on 01536 536 536

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