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Grosvenor Group customers enjoy benefit of market-leading risk management solution

Grosvenor Group customers can benefit from market leading risk management thanks to its growing partnership with Fleet Service GB.

Offering an all-encompassing solution for driver wellbeing and safety, the partnership provides a fully integrated driver, vehicle and journey programme with on-going, comprehensive real-time risk records.

Using a ‘driver points’ system, whether for a company vehicle or a ‘grey fleet’ vehicle, the service combines vehicle, driver, legal and health and safety compliance into a single programme enabling companies with cars and light commercial vehicles to manage risk more effectively and with greater ease.

“We are delighted to be working with Fleet Service GB as our risk management partner,” said Steve Beadle, senior account manager for the Grosvenor Group.

“For many years we have offered a risk solution under the brand name Drive Care, but since forming a relationship with Fleet Service GB we have taken our proposition to the next level due to the growing importance of risk management on all aspects of fleet operation.”

Customers choosing the Driver Care service enjoy a wide range of benefits including:

  • Legal compliance - from licence checking to health issues, insurance cover to maintenance records. 
  • Cost benefits- by improving driver performance through better driving and reduced stress levels resulting in measurable vehicle and driver cost benefits.
  • Driver improvement - by assessing your drivers and continually measuring driver performance. 
  • Operational efficiency – monitoring the utilisation of vehicles linked to operational efficiency.
  • Results and deliverables - the continuous measurement of vehicle, driver and journey data providing an invaluable source of information, presented using configurable dashboards and reports. 

For more information, call us on 01536 536 536

Call us today on 01536 536 536

Call us today on 01536 536 536

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