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EV Fleet Management

Companies moving to electric vehicle fleets are entering into a period of uncertainty – with limited historic cost experience to base their future budgets and forecasts on.

For this reason, it is more important than ever for businesses to look at employing the skills of an outsourced fleet management specialist. Our experts have already spent years analysing the predicted whole life costs of these vehicles, investing in staff training, spending time with manufacturers assessing their EV range, benchmarking with industry bodies, and gathering a clear understanding of their likely costs.

Our experience covers all of the elements that formulate the whole life costs, including the ‘on the road price’, funding, servicing, maintenance and repair (SMR), reliability, charging costs, and forecasted residual value.

We can, therefore, manage the cost risk on your EV assets if you purchase your company vehicles, or support you with contract hire if you would prefer to fix your costs and pass the risk to us.

We have also supported businesses looking to future-proof their fleet by providing a sale and leaseback, where we buy the existing fleet, lease it back , absorb the risk and then start transitioning to ULEVs and EVs.

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“At Grosvenor, we firmly believe that service excellence is nurtured by offering customers consistency and continuity of service, and that this is achieved through very strong staff retention and account managers that remain with customers for the long-term.

“It is very rare that we will change an account manager, as its vital they build up long enduring relationships with customers and this was why, when I became customer services director, there was never any question that I wouldn’t personally continue to be Whistl’s primary point of contact.”

Mary Dopson-Taylor, Customer Services Director, Grosvenor Leasing

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