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When moving to electric vehicles, many companies focus on whether they will be fit for purpose and enable their business to operate effectively.

Through our operational review, our experts will look at your business and the suitability of ULEVs and EVs at this moment in time.

At Grosvenor, our role is not to promote EVs but to establish the best solution for you and, in some cases, there will be certain companies, or parts of companies, where alternative fuels are not ‘currently’ the answer.

To identify a solution that meets the operational needs of the business, our team of experts will conduct a thorough assessment.

  • What are your vehicles used for?
  • How far do they travel and where?
  • What is the infrastructure in the areas where they are operated?
  • What measures need to be put in place for EVs to become an effective part of your fleet strategy?

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Grosvenor Leasing has been instrumental in working with both us and our chosen vehicle manufacturers on our detailed vehicle requirements including a range of adaptations that meet our specific business needs


Call us today on 01536 536 536

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