Ozone By Grosvenor

0Zone is our innovative and market leading solution to help companies navigate their way smoothly towards ultra-low emission (ULEV) and electric vehicles (EV).

In 2018, 0Zone won the BusinessCar award for best green solution and since its launch many companies have benefited from the 0Zone team’s guidance and advice to help significantly drive down emissions.

0Zone is made up of 3 key areas:

  • Environmental– how to drive down CO2 levels as part of a zero-emission goal
  • Operational– how ULEVs and EVs fit into your operational requirements and business needs
  • Financial – the financial implications of moving to alternative fuels, including whole life costs, taxation, NI and other key considerations

Companies looking to go green’ benefit from an assessment of their environmental impact with a clear pathway to convert their fleet, over time, towards ultra-low emission and electric vehicles.

Case Studies


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News & Media

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