Step 1: Leasing and fleet management

The first step is about keeping your funding options open. Contract hire remains the most popular form of vehicle funding, yet many businesses also continue to buy their vehicles outright – with many having a combination of both.

Yet with a dramatic rise in the numbers of drivers opting out of the company car and choosing cash, many companies are also wrestling with increased grey fleet responsibility and we are seeing a dramatic surge in demand for personal contract hire affinity schemes (See Step 4).

We have also entered into a unique ‘bubble’ of time when Salary Sacrifice has become very attractive again (See Step 2), and there has been a rise in sale and leaseback with companies seeking to sell their fleet and convert it to contract hire – generating a cash injection and moving to fixed cost budgeting.

As such, businesses no longer wish to be tied to one form of funding, but also don’t want the operational burden of managing multiple suppliers and funders for different elements.

That’s where the Grosvenor Group offers such flexibility because all of these solutions are provided seamlessly and under one roof.

This is all down to our two distinct offerings: Grosvenor Leasing and Interactive Fleet Management.

With Grosvenor Leasing customers enjoy an award-winning contract hire specialist providing all forms of vehicle funding – from contract hire to salary sacrifice and personal contract hire.

Interactive Fleet Management is best described as ‘your very own’ fleet department, managing all vehicles, drivers and suppliers whether you lease or own your vehicles.

Many customers use a combination of both. This brings greater flexibility in the funding methods used, a mix of longer-term and shorter-term contracts, and other support services can be managed all under one roof as well.

Talk to one of our experts about how this unique combination is helping our customers become more agile and adaptable.

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“At Grosvenor, we firmly believe that service excellence is nurtured by offering customers consistency and continuity of service, and that this is achieved through very strong staff retention and account managers that remain with customers for the long-term.

“It is very rare that we will change an account manager, as its vital they build up long enduring relationships with customers and this was why, when I became customer services director, there was never any question that I wouldn’t personally continue to be Whistl’s primary point of contact.”

Mary Dopson-Taylor, Customer Services Director, Grosvenor Leasing

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Interesting article about why Personal Contract Hire is growing in the corporate sector. When drivers choose cash instead of a company car, employers hand over money every month with no control on how it is spent. #pch #personalcontracthire #hrdirectors