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Charging And Infrastructure

Range anxiety, and ‘charge’ anxiety (i.e. concerns about being able to charge an electric car), rank as two of the biggest obstacles to EV uptake in the fleet sector.

This is why our 0Zone team takes time to look at your business, your drivers, the types of journeys being made and where the bulk of travel occurs in order to develop a plan of how your EV fleet will remain topped up and mobile.

Electric and Fuel Reimbursement

The shift from established reimbursement policies for petrol and diesel drivers to new reimbursement for electric vehicle and hybrid drivers is an important issue for companies moving to plug in hybrid (PHEV) and battery electric (BEV) vehicles.

Our 0Zone team offers pragmatic advice, taking into account the types of journeys being made, realistic MPGs and electric charge range, and providing advice on a reimbursement policy which is fair for both employers and employees.

We also look at how best to encourage the efficient and correct use of plug in hybrid vehicles.

Other key issues taken into account are:

Home Charging

This will vary from employee to employee based upon where they live, the type of property they live in, and whether they have a driveway. The reality is that a proportion of your drivers will have no problem installing a charger at home, whereas for others it's not possible at all.  

Where possible, home charging is by far the most convenient and cheapest solution for your drivers. However it requires an upfront installation at each residence.

Thanks to its national partnerships with charging providers, our 0Zone team can help support charger selection and facilitate installation, as well as provide fuel reimbursement advice.

Workplace Charging

Workplace charging is a solution for those employees who come into the workplace. However most businesses will also have field-based, and now home based, staff whose time at the office is less frequent.

The 0Zone team will work with you to map out the likely usage of at-work charging points and support you in other decisions too. For example, choosing the right chargers, managing investment (looking at owned vs leased offices), facilitating their installation, and setting guidelines and rules to ensure the charging points are accessible to as many drivers as possible.

Public Charging

Whilst public charging will be the most expensive solution, compared to home and workplace, for many drivers it could be their only option. For those in areas of high conurbation it will be straightforward to access local charging points, but for others in remote areas it could prove more difficult.

As well as advising on this, the 0Zone team can also help you map out those drivers who are going to find public charging most challenging. In some cases, the pragmatic approach is to allow these drivers to remain in a low emission petrol/diesel car while converting all other drivers to plug-in capability.

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It was important to us to partner with a contract hire and fleet management specialist with the same values as ours, and we were immediately impressed with Grosvenor's dedication to reducing emissions and supporting the green agenda.

The Glenmorangie Company

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